Health Office

The Health Officer of Rye does not hold office hours at the Town Hall but relies on the Selectmen's Executive Assistant and Building Inspector to initially investigate all complaints or inquires. They will report any situation to the Health Officer that requires additional attention and support. If you require an inspection by the Heatlh Officer, please allow two weeks to schedule. The Health Officer may be reached through the Selectmen's office.

The Health Officer alerts the town of concerns related to communicable diseases, the flu, West Nile Virus, EEE and other health related issues as they arise.

Complaints regarding a food establishment or anyone interested in opening a food establishement should contact the State Department of Health and Human Resourses, Food Division for helpful information.

Feel free to email concerns or inquiries to Kate Drago - will make every attempt to address your concerns promptly!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Peter Rowell Deputy Heath Officer (603) 964-9800 Ext. 130
Katelyn Drago Selectmen's Executive Assistant (603) 964-5523

Board Members