Historic District Commission

Mission Statement

To preserve the unique collection of historically, architecturally, and culturally significant buildings and structures in the town. To ensure that new buildings and structures and alterations to existing buildings and structures and uses of buildings and structures within the Rye Historic District are in visual harmony with their neighbors in order to preserve the history of Rye.

Applications for Certificates of Approval available from Building Inspector. No building permit shall be issued until a Certificate of Approval has been filed with Building Inspector. In case of disapproval, no permit shall be issued. Decisions of the Commission shall be appealable to the Board of Adjustment.

Commission Members

Name Title
Mae Bradshaw Chair (2021)
Charles Hoyt Vice-Chair (2023)
Karen Stewart Clerk (2022)
David Choate Member (2021)
Daryl Kent Member (2022)
James Tegeder Member (2023)
Katharine Brown Alternate (2023)
Kaitlyn Coffey Alternate (2023)
Thomas King Alternate (2022)
John Loftus
Philip D. Winslow Selectmen Representative