Heritage Commission


Voter approval of  Article 18 of the March 2011 ballot directed the Board of Selectmen to establish a Heritage Commission in accordance with RSA 674:44-b.

At the Selectmens meeting held on July 11, 2011, the Heritage Commission was formed with the appointment of four members: Mae Bradshaw, Jane Holway, Richard Davis, Sara Hall and Priscilla Jenness, who served one year as the ex-official Selectperson.

The scope of the Heritage Commission is town wide, unlike that of the Historic District Commission and in addition to acquisition, conservation and proper use of the cultural resources of the town, the Heritage Commission has the power to include other tasks, among them: hold meetings and hearings, publicize activities, survey and inventory all cultural resources, conduct research and publish findings, assist the Planning Board regarding development and review sections of the master plan which address cultural and historic resource, assist local agencies and other local boards on request regarding these matters and receive and expend money from a variety of sources including gifts and grants.

Heritage Commission Plaque Dedication Ceremony Video June 14, 2021

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Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Janice Ireland (603) 964-5523

Commission Members

Name Title
Elizabeth Sanborn Alternate (2023)
Beverly Giblin Member (2024)
Alex Herlihy Member (2022)
Gail Hughes Vice-Chair (2023)
Peter White Treasurer (2022)
Philip Walsh Chair (2024)
Frank Lagana Member (2023)
David Choate Alternate (2023)
Bill Epperson Select Board Rep (2022)
Mae Bradshaw Alternate (2024)