Community Power

Rye Horizon

Rye residents voted in March 2022 to authorize the implementation of Rye Community Power (RCP). After a lot of hard work, RCP launched in April 2023 with the Community Power Coalition of NH (CPCNH).

Under the New Hampshire Community Power law, this means the Town buys electricity on behalf of its residents. The Select Board accepted the recommendation of the Energy Committee to proceed with the launch of RCP using CPCNH as their procurement agent. CPCNH is a member-owned, non-profit community power agency. It currently has 35 member communities, and growing, that have joined together to achieve an economy of scale that allows it to offer lower electric rates and more options for renewable energy than provided by Eversource.

Community power programs change the supplier of electricity and do not change the delivery of that electricity. So, RCP only affects the supply charge on your electricity bill. Eversource will continue to manage delivery, billing, and maintenance of the grid. In other words, Community Power offers cheaper electrons, while Eversource still delivers those electrons through its poles and wires.

Participation in RCP is voluntary. When it launched, all Eversource rate payers were switched to RCP unless they chose to opt-out. Customers who use a competitive supplier have the option to opt-in to RCP. RCP currently does not offer solar net metering customers credit for excess production. Eversource is currently unable to provide the data RCP needs to account for any surplus you may sell to the grid. This issue is expected to be resolved soon. If a customer prefers to stay with Eversource or wants to switch to RCP, they may call 866-603-7697 (POWR) or go to

RCP launched with a rate that was lower than the Eversource rate. The RCP Granite Rate is less than the Eversource default rate and meets the NH Renewable Portfolio Standard of 23.4% of renewable energy. RCP also offers optional rates with higher percentages of renewable energy. Ratepayers can opt-up or opt-out of the program entirely with no penalty, with changes taking effect in the next billing cycle. See the latest rates below.

Learn more about RCP and CPCNH below, by calling 1-866-603-7697 or by mailing